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Release™ ePTFE membrane air filter media are constructed with a top layer of microporous and chemically inert ePTFE membrane, which is laminated to Affinity™ filter media. The membrane features consistent pore size, uniform pore distribution, very high chemical resistance and is inherently non-stick, which provides enhanced surface filtration and cake release. Release™ fabrics are available with polyester, PPS, aramid, and polyimide (P84®) filter fabrics.


  • Superior release properties (non-stick)
  • Chemically inert
  • Uniform pore size
  • Micropore structure
  • Enhanced filtration efficiency (up to 99.99%)
Albarrie's Release Filter media with EPTFE Membrane

ePTFE microscopic image

Release vs Polyester


Surface filter media is designed to collect particles on its surface and shed them during cleaning cycles, unlike depth filtration where particles are designed to be captured within the media. The microporous structure of membrane is a highly effective surface filter due to its small and uniform pore size and superior release properties which minimizes the penetration of fine particulate and increases the cleanability of the filter. The result is high filtration efficiency of fine dusts and consistent pressure drop over time.


Release ePTFE membrane is inherently non-stick making it an ideal surface for releasing dust cake during the cleaning cycle. Even particulate with high moisture that tends to agglomerate on conventional filter media can easily release from the membrane helping avoid problems related to restricted airflow and increases in differential pressure.

Release Filter Media ePTFE Membrane


Release™ ePTFE membrane air filter media configurations include:

Release™ P84®

Release™ PPS

Release™ Polyester

Release™ Polyester AS

Release™ M-Aramid


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